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Hey Chgowiz? Why so quiet? Moving!

It's summertime! And with the coming of the warm weather (90 degrees already in Chicago? WTF? I thought climate change was a hoax?!?) comes another auspicious day... moving day.

Yep, after 13 years of living in Chez Shorten, I'm moving on up to the way-the-hell North side and into our dream home. It really is a dream home, with enough rooms to finally have guest bedrooms, a gorgeous formal dining room, lovely patio and finally... finally... a dedicated gaming space!

This Sunday marks the final game here at the small lovely English Tudor cottage, where I have to cram 8 people into a tiny dining room. Still, that room has seen almost 6 years of the Etinerra/Dark Ages campaign world - drama, success, mystery and death. I've had almost 75 people in my world since I began it, counting tabletop, online and convention games. That's pretty damn cool.

I am, however, !@#$!@# sick of boxes! Less than 2 weeks to go and our house is dominated by cardboard.

I can't complain, bec…

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