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ChicagoWiz's Goblins

The poor, maligned goblin. First shown as some sort of a strange dwarf-like creature in 1974 D&D

... then reintroduced as a small, fierce but weak creature in 1st edition AD&D

... and shown to be blue/gray, bulbous and bullying in Ralph Bakshi's "The Hobbit" movie.

Goblins get about as much respect as do kobolds in old school games. They're seen like the proverbial rats in CRPG video games - a source of experience and treasure to get to the Cool Monsters! Who cares about stupid goblins?


Well, just as the players in the infamous Tucker's Kobolds story hate kobolds, my players now hate ChicagoWiz's little 1-1 HD goblins. In outdoor settings, they have become skirmishers with hit and fade tactics combining speed, stealth, numbers, arrows and oil/flame grenades. At least, that's all they showed in yesterday's game. Who knows what else they have up their little green sleeves?

My players decided to see what is going on at the Bestial…

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