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See you at GenCon & a Swords & Wizardry hint...

Wow! The 50th GenCon is just a couple of days away! Will I see you there? Are you in any of my games? Here's what I'm running... stop by and see if there's room!

Friday - 2pm - Defense of Arcpoint (NMN17104870) - ICC :: Hall B :: Yellow :: 9-10
Chaos Wars - Ral Partha wargame set in my campaign world.

Saturday - 7pm - Chaos Lurks in the Old Crater (RPG17104873) - Location: ICC :: Hall C : Blue :: 29
Satuday night AD&D in my campaign - pregens!

Sunday - 10am - Defense of Arcpoint (NMN17104871) - ICC :: Hall B : Orange :: 13--14
Chaos Wars - Ral Partha wargame set in my campaign world.

Bring a generic ticket! If I'm full, I'll see if I can fit you in.

A long time ago, I ran a fund raiser to raise money for the Gary Gygax statue. Yea, that damn thing. It was pretty damn cool though, to see folks come together. I remember how nice it was to present them the check and know it was from all of us.

I'm inspired by the interest at my public library in my D&D game t…

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